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     VICFUSE established in 1999 has been focusing on the overvoltage and overcurrent protection for decades of years,and our products show good performance in a variety of electrical and electronic equipments.
     We have a first-class industry production,
 testing equipment and technical personnel .And our full range protection devices are produced and inspected according to the MIL-STD-202E standards, and have passed the safety certification:     and our factory has been certified byBSI  IATF16949、ISO9001 and ISO14001 

All of our products meet the requirements for the lead-free environmentally friendly products, and have passed the RoHS certification. They can be used to replace the corresponding imports on the market undoubtedly. 

    Environmentally friendly, high reliability and low power dissipation are the trends for electrical and electronic equipments in future, and you can do less for more if you chose our full range of quality services.